George Nader is among the most fantastic actors to have acted in Hollywood. He was a talented actor as well as an accomplished author. Born in Pasadena, California Nader knew from an early age that his interests lay in acting. To this effect he graduated from the Occidental College with Bachelors in Theatre Expressions.

Today, as well there are many classic movie lovers who would not miss on a chance to look at Nader on the silver screen. In 2001, he even received a standing ovation at the 1st Annual Palm Springs Film Festival after the screening of his film ‘Nowhere to go’. Apart from acting in Hollywood, Nader spent many years working offshore in Europe.

He acted in a series of German films which air on TV even today. Personally, Nader was a homosexual who did not come out till the early 80s. He met his partner Mark Miller at the stage of Pasadena Playhouse Theatre. Many claim that Miller is the true struggle behind Nader’s success.

Miller knew from an early age that it will be George who would be the star among the two. Miller quit his acting pursuits and took up small jobs working in shoe stores and other businesses to make ends meet.

Miller and Nader stayed together as partners till the very end. At a time when actors would boast of their virility with arm candies, Nader would never be seen in public alone with a woman or female actor. All questions pointed at his private life would be brushed off by him claiming to wait for the special one.

George Nader passed away on February 4, 2002 following a short bout of bacterial illness which left him in a coma. He was survived by Miller and his nephew.