George Nader is among the most famous classic heroes of Bollywood. A lot of people have seen him in various movies which air on cable. However, not many know that he was also an accomplished author. In fact, Nader’s debut book ‘Chrome’ is still regarded with authority in the homosexual literary circles.

In his entire life Nader only wrote two pieces; ‘Chrome’ and ‘Perils of Paul’.  Chrome was a sci-fi thriller and the first book published by George Nader. He wrote it right after his movie career ended. The plot consisted of the same sex love between a humanoid and a man. The plot was immensely romantic and sexual at the same time. Many say that the ending in which both the robot and human are banished into space came from his own experience.

Chrome is regarded among the most erotic homosexual books of all times. In a literary world where books with a lesbian flavor are rampant, Chrome is among the few with a male same sex love story.

Nader in whole of his life had only one living relationship that with his partner Mark Miller. Hollywood was not accommodating to homosexuals during Nader’s acting career and he always had to keep his sexual orientation under wraps. Finally, in 1981 after the death of one of his dearest friends Rock Hudson, Nader came out with his homosexuality in public.

However, after that he stayed away from public eyes and lived a quiet life at his house in Palm Springs. Miller and Nader were quite fond of Hawaii and would spend a major portion of their time on the beaches.

His other book Perils of Paul was co-authored by his partner Mark Miller. It was a collection of their real life episodes in Hollywood regarding homosexuality. The book was quietly self-published in 1999 even though while writing his express instructions were to publish it posthumously.