George Nader started his acting career in 1947 after returning from the war. His first on screen appearance was in ‘Rustlers on Horseback’ produced by Republic Pictures. However, the game changer in Nader’s life came with ‘Robot Monster’ in 1953. He played the character on Roy in this film. Eventhough this movie is recognized for its camp characteristics and one of the worst screenplays, it went on to make millions on the box office.

Nader was picked up by Universal where he acted in a series of movies ranging from back and white to Technicolor. Unfortunately for him, Universal Studios had many other brawny actors when Nader was hired. Tony Curtis, Rock Hudson and Jeff Chandler are some of the faces to name.

Nader almost always got second fiddle where movie roles were concerned. He appeared in many supporting roles to other stars in movies like ‘Sins of Jezebel’, ‘Four Guns to the Border’ and ‘Miss Robin Crusoe’.

However, he did get starring roles in movies which were turned down by Jeff Chandler like ‘The Second Greatest Sex’ and ‘Lady Godiva of Coventry’. During his entire film career, George Nader never thumbed his nose at appearing on TV.

He regularly appeared on TV shows like ‘The Loretta Young Show’, ‘Hallmark Hall of Fame’, ‘Schlitz Playhouse of Stars’, ‘The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse’ and ‘Lux Video Theatre’.

In early 70s George Nader moved to Europe to avoid a scandal which involved him being a homosexual. He appeared in a series of German movies and soon became a heartthrob overseas. His character ‘Jerry Cotton’ who was an American FBI agent got 8 movies made in a franchise.

Around 1974, Nader met with a car accident which caused severe damage to his eyes. He could not work under bright lights anymore and had to quit acting in movies.