George Nader gets a cenotaph dedicated to his memory

George Nader is recalled fondly by many old school movie lovers. He starred in a number of brilliant movies like ‘Robot Monster’, ‘The Second Greatest Sex’, and ‘Sins of Jezebel’. He also played the part of ‘Jerry Cotton’ in a series of German movies.

Nader passed away on February 4, 2002 after a short illness which rendered him in Coma for almost 6 months. His ashes were scattered to the sea in Palm Springs after a quiet service. However, in his commemoration there is a cenotaph dedicated in Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Cathedral City).

George Nader was among the few homosexuals in Hollywood who was never seen in public with an eye candy. He would always be seen in the company of women in groups. Whenever asked, Nader was in the habit of thwarting the question claiming to not have found the right one.

When there was a threat of homosexual scandal between him and his dearest friend Rock Hudson, Nader quietly left Hollywood and moved to Europe with his partner Mark Miller. Hudson and Nader both worked for Universal studios. Hudson was a more established actor than Nader, which made Universal bail him out.

This episode however, never affected the friendship between Hudson, Nader and Miller. Sources quote that Hudson always thought of Nader and Miller as his family. On his demise he even bequeathed his estate to both of them.

Apart from being one of the most accomplished actors in classic cinema, Nader was a best-selling author as well. In 1974, he met with a car accident which rendered him unable to work in front of bright lights. This was the end of his acting career and he shifted focus to writing.

Chrome is among the bestselling novels even today in the homosexual literotica section. However, after the release of his novel and his coming out with homosexuality in 1981, Nader all but completely disappeared from public view.

Today he is remembered by his fans fondly from all over the world.